This class is for pregnant couples, 33 weeks and beyond who have learned their baby is in the Breech position and would like to try natural methods to turn their babies and possibly avoid a cesarean section.
Class is open to mothers with healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy.Nellys Feet

In this workshop couples will learn appropriate Yoga postures to help turn baby and explore other natural options. Both partners should plan on attending. Private session. Please call for appointment 267-307-0894

“At about 35 weeks we learned our baby was breech, I read online about different methods to try to flip a breech baby and tried some of the exercises but then I learned about the “turning the breech yoga class”. I can not stress how much more effective the exercises are when you are one on one with an instructor guiding you through the different positions to help flip the baby. Not only was the class great for learning how to flip a breech baby, but it was such a relaxing experience for both myself and my husband!
After learning the exercises and being shown exactly how to position my body I continued to do the exercises at home daily, and our little baby was flipped to head down at 37 weeks! Our instructor Dena, was amazing and showed much interest in the well being of our baby and we continued to stay in touch throughout the pregnancy! GREAT class that I would highly recommend!”