This series is comparable  to any hospital childbirth prep class. It will cover all foundational topics relevant to the last month of pregnancy and childbirth.
Anatomy & Physiology, Stages of Labor,  Signs of labor, when to go to the hospital or birth center, medication options, interventions and cesarean birth. Relaxation methods and labor rehearsal.   Private sessions or class options are available. Please call for dates/ times.  267-307-0894

“I attended the child birth class at about 36 weeks pregnant and learned SO much! I am a little phobic when it comes to hospitals anything medical related so all the knowledge I learned in this class really helped to ease my mind and gave me a very clear understand of what to expect on the big day! I would highly recommend this class to any expecting parents, knowledge is power and it is great to have a clear understanding of what is to come when you are in labor.”
-Katie Cap