Bring a workshop to your location.. Here is a list of things I need. Lets Talk!

internet connection

AV ( projector, sound system so I can either plug my flash drive or computer)

An ideal room is large, with moveable tables/chairs  and plenty of space for floor work, natural sunlight is a plus 🙂

Space for 10-15 attendees

Bathrooms in close proximity

walking distance to neighborhood food outlets for folks to get lunch

A picture of the space that would be appreciated

Generally a minimum of 8 paid students by 3 weeks before our weekend (however the exact number is determined by the distance to be traveled).  10 – 15 students is ideal.

1 birth ball per every 2 students.  I have 5… but if local students can share, this is ideal.

Getting help with promoting the class to local Doula groups, hospitals, nursing schools and birth centers is always appreciated