Placenta Consumption….

Ok, we’ve not talking about throwing it on the BBQ… but Placental Encapsulation is a process where the Placenta is saved, prepared and freeze dried after birth and consumed by Mom.  The hormone drop after birth is significant and can trigger Baby Blues and Postpartum depression.  This is a wonderful way to get the hormone support needed for the postpartum period, PMS and even menopause.

The finished product after the encapsulation is a large jar of cranberry colored capsules- nothing gross or unsightly.

Here is a wonderful article about one woman’s journey and why she chose to encapsulate her placenta.

One important word:  Most placentas go to pathology for some examination after birth.. this is a NON – STERILE process, because usually the placentas are thrown away.  Make sure to inform your staff you are encapsulating, so they can use STERILE procedures in their examination process.


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